Christian media has a problem.

Good productions usually have terrible doctrine. And productions with sound theology generally look awful and reach no one.

Honestly, Christians are struggling.

Christians struggle to have meaningful conversations with those who do not know Jesus. Discussions can often be one-sided, lacking biblical depth, and uncomfortably awkward. They need resources that help them initiate meaningful conversations.

We're changing everything.

This is not your average Christian production team. What makes Anchored North unique is our ability to create content that is beautifully produced, theologically sound, and intentionally tailored to reach non-Christians with the gospel.

Hi, we’re Anchored North.

We have been producing content that creates conversations about Jesus for over 10 years. Throughout the past decade, our ministry has provoked millions of people with the gospel.  

Our love for God and for others drives us to do what no one else is doing: make high-impact, authentic, Christ-centered pieces that spark meaningful conversations between Christians and non-Christians.

Anchored North is not your average Christian production team. They are not interested in consumers. They are interested in converts. What I love most about this team is that every production begins with the question, "How will this meaningfully challenge non-Christians with the gospel?"

Costi Hinn

Our Formats


This format exemplifies what it means to discuss instead of demonize. This is one of the only Christian series on YouTube that invites the participation of millions of Christians and non-Christians alike.

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Testimony Films

Stories are the language of the human heart. They have the power to captivate listeners with their relatable desires, conflicts, and struggles. By sharing Anchored North testimony films, you can start conversations about the most significant story of all time: the redemption story.

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In addition to our YouTube show, we publish more frequent Honest Discourse episodes on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Every episode sets an example for more loving interactions within our generation.

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Anchored North supporters from all walks of life make this ministry possible through their sacrificial generosity. Because of people like you, everything we make is freely available to the many who rely on these productions to initiate honest gospel conversations.